It's me, I'm the Story!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm Kynzie Story, owner and lone drone pilot of AirStory. I've been Part 107 certified since 2018 and I'm only getting started. After flying exclusively for realtors throughout the DFW metroplex, I decided to cast a wider net in order to create more opportunities to utilize my skillset.

Photography and videography became a passion of mine when I was 17 years old. I have a creative eye to meet professional photography/videography standards, and I'm also highly capable and proficient in flying a drone. More people than you would think have access to a drone these days, but just because someone has a drone doesn't mean they have a creative eye. Likewise, not just any photographer is skilled enough to fly a drone. With me, rest assured that professional flying and professional photography are unified to create a clean, well-rounded product. 

I highly value the client experience. My aim is to make that clear by my integrity, quick response and delivery time, as well as the quality product I'm compelled to produce. I'm incredibly task-driven which allows me to offer an unbeatable turnaround! Whether you have a one-off job or seek to become a recurring client, you can expect a simple and superb experience!

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